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The term ‘dress material’ is quite common among the female shoppers and in every shopping mall there are shelves stacked with different kinds of dress materials . These are basically unstitched fabrics that are cut in the shape of a particular outfit and sold in that form so that the customer can get it stitched according to her wishes or body fittings. Most often we have a problem with the fittings of readymade clothing. For this reason, buying the appropriate dress material and getting it stitched is the most convenient option at hand. There are a variety of dress materials available in both malls and online shopping portals. Each dress material is different from the other in the shape or cut of the fabric. The measurements of the unstitched fabrics differ from each other according to the way they need to be stitched to create the desired clothing item. You can easily find unstitched dress materials for any kind of outfit that you have in mind.